CWS Philippines, Inc. was founded in November 2002 to become the sole importer and distributor of PENTAIR EVERPURE products in the Philippines. The company engages in Full-Service Water Treatment Solutions where they provide expertise in designs, fabrications, installations and commissioning our systems based on specific requirements, providing capabilities of handling water treatment projects of any scale and complexity. Apart from these, the company offers supply, service and maintenance contracts to ensure our systems’ optimum running condition – making it the leader in servicing the commercial and domestic markets.


The brand, PENTAIR EVERPURE carries products that are designed to improve the quality of food and beverages, remove harmful particles and contaminants, and reduce water-using equipment maintenance costs and downtime. Pentair Everpure products are tested and certified to the highest standards by NSF International, an independent non-for-profit organization that certifies and writes standards for food, water and consumer goods.

Because every operator has a unique need—from softening, to mechanical and chemical filtration, to reverse osmosis and more—Pentair Everpure has hundreds of filtration systems that provide water quality solutions to meet every distinct challenge.

PENTAIR EVERPURE, form its humble beginnings in 1933 to what it is today, has established itself as the world’s leading brand in the foodservice industry – providing proper water parameters through its products for some of the world’s largest chain cafes, restaurants, hotels, QSRs as well as countless independents. It is also a trusted provider of water treatment products to the vending, consumer, marine and aviation markets. Industry leaders around the world rely on Pentair Everpure for quality water treatment.


You may not always see what’s hiding in your water, but any number of contaminants may result in issues with the quality of the food and beverages you serve, as well as with scale build up in your equipment – causing permanent damage, inferior quality of beverages, considerably higher power consumption and downtime.
It all starts with a water test.


We continue to see a brighter future where we aim to make steps in continuously evolving to fit in more products and services to our portfolio, addressing the growing needs for top – quality water for all applications.

We strive to maintain our image as the most trusted name in water filtration systems both in the foodservice and residential markets, backed up by our world – leading brand’s products, services and expertise.

Water is the single most important ingredient in food service. Consider these facts: ice is 100% water, coffee is more than 98% water, fountain beverages are 83% water, and soups and sauces are up to 80% water. With these percentages, it’s no wonder more and more foodservice establishments worldwide depend on Pentair Everpure water treatment systems to provide the best quality and the most consistent water possible.

Foodservice Water Specifications
*As seen in the catalogue page given

Applications (as seen in the flyers given)
• Residential
­ Countertop Unit
­ Hot and Cold Dispenser
­ Under Sink System

• Commercial
­ Coffee, Espresso and Tea
­ Fountain Beverage
­ Ice
­ Steam
­ Reverse Osmosis

When to use Pentair Everpure Reverse Osmosis?

• Combination Systems
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What is NSF?
Founded in 1944, NSF International is a not – for – profit organization that provides public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers around the world.
Its main business is to bring together experts in public health, manufacturing, and sanitation from government, industry, academia and public to develop and administer performance standards for products which have some impact on sanitation and public health.
NSF maintains state – of – the – art laboratories where products can be tested according to set standards.

The Importance of NSF Certification:

There are important reasons to look for NSF Certification when purchasing water filters:

- Performance claims may be based on internal testing only. Do you have access to all the testing procedures used? Was testing done
to industry standards?

- Sometimes stated capacities are misleading because they may be based on only chemical (chlorine) reduction and don’t take particulates into consideration. Particulates have an important role in how long a filter will last. Most often, a filter plugs from dirt before the chemical capacity is used up.

- In capacity claims, it’s not always clear what percentage of chemical contaminants are actually reduced. For example, if there is only a 50% reduction in chlorine then higher capacities can be claimed. But is removal of only half the chlorine acceptable for quality beverages?

NSF Certification ensures that:

• The contaminant reduction claims certified are true and accurate.
• The materials of construction do not add anything unwanted to the water such as lead.
• The system is structurally sound.
• Advertising claims are true and accurate.

For water filters, look for these certifications:*

- NSF/ANSI Standard 42: Aesthetic Effects

For water treatment systems designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non – health – related contaminants (chlorine, taste and odor, and particulates).

- NSF/ANSI Standard 53: Health Effects

For water treatment systems designed to reduce specific health – related contaminants, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s), MTBE (methyl tertiary – butyl ether).

*It’s important to read the small print when evaluating product certification. Within Standard 42 and 53, there are different classes and contaminant removals to consider. Even though a filter is certified for a standard, it may not be certified for all of the reductions possible within that standard.

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